23 August, 2015

Ilse Crawford

Ilse Crawford

Last summer I read Ilse Crawford’s book ‘A Frame For Life’ cover to cover. In those pages I found a design philosophy that resonates so closely with my own approach that it has become the most post-it marked, notes in the margin book on my shelves of late. Ilse is somewhat obsessed with creating spaces […]

5 July, 2015

VIDEO: Barnaba Fornasetti


A beautiful video inside the home of Italian designer Barnaba Fornasetti. This Milanese residence once belonging to his late father, furniture and ceramics icon Piero Fornasetti, is a labyrinth of rooms housing an enigmatic collection reflective of the surrealist designer’s work. Source: In Residence series, Nowness

28 June, 2015

Kick Ass Interiors


  Our StillLife collection has just landed at Potts Point retailer Becker Minty, so we thought it a great opportunity to revisit ‘Kick-Ass Interiors‘, an editorial feature in the March issue of Real Living magazine. The pieces were featured across the spread, including a spot on the cover! The graphic silhouette’s of our ceramics perfectly complimented the punchy personality […]

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