7 January, 2016

Press: Roselyne Rebooted!


The home of our dear friend Kate Dinon was recently featured by The Design Files. A few years ago we worked with Kate on the refurbishment of her beautiful terrace. However, the recent arrival of Kate and Alex’s beautiful daughter Marlowe called for a refresh to the home. The interior update reflects the couple’s ever expanding art collection and all those final layering […]

24 November, 2015

Still Life – Recent Press


The StillLife by Chelsea Hing collection has been getting a great run of publicity thanks to our amazing stockists, Becker Minty (Potts Point) and Luke Furniture (Melbourne). Below is a collection of editorial and features that have included the Dish, Tall & Bell Vases.

20 September, 2015

The Renovation Roadtrip


WHO DO YOU CALL? When you make the decision to renovate, the first question you usually ask is, who do I need? An architect, designer or decorator? The common misconception around who to employ for you project is why we wrote The Facts on our website. We could see similarities in the kinds of questions […]

6 September, 2015

A Conversation About Colour

This week I thought I’d have a conversation with myself about colour! We’re always workshopping colour, texture and pattern in the studio, so here are some thoughts and musings from behind the sheer curtain as it were. Why use colour? Colour is the ultimate mood maker. Do you have a favourite colour?  I love all colours but I […]

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Press: Roselyne Rebooted!

Still Life - Recent Press

The Renovation Roadtrip

A Conversation About Colour